Important Announcement

New Subject Classification for contributed papers
to the annual conference of the IMS-2020 to be held at VIT, Vellore (Dec 17-20, 2020).

The authors are requested to submit papers following the classification given below:

(A) Combinatorics, Graph Theory, Logic, Discrete Mathematics etc

(B) Algebra, Number Theory, Lattice Theory and History of Mathematics

(C) Real and Complex Analysis (including Special Functions, Summability and Transforms etc) and Teaching of Mathematics.

(D) Functional Analysis, Measure Theory, Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes, and Information Theory

(E) Differential / Integral / and Functional Equations.

(F) Geometry and Topology.

(G) Numerical Analysis, Approximation Theory and Computer Science.

(H) Solid Mechanics, Fluid Mechanics, Astrophysics and Relativity, and related areas.

(I) Mathematical Modelling, Bio-Mathematics, Operations Research etc.


The Indian Mathematical Society expresses its sincere thanks to
Prof J.R.Patadia,
(former Chief-Editor, The Mathematics Student),
who has made a donation of Rs 94360/- (Indian Rupees ninety four thousand three hundred forty only) for the activities of the Society.

The Society welcomes similar donations from anyone who would like to support the IMS.


The next 86th Annual Conference of the IMS An international Meet
will be held under the auspices of
The Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Vellore- 632 014. Tamil Nadu, India
during December 17-20, 2020
under the Presidentship of
Prof. B. Sury
I. S. I. Bangalore, 8th Mile, Mysore Rd., RVCE Post,
(Via) Bangaluru-560 059, Karnataka, India

Local organizing Secretary will be
Prof. Rushi Kumar,
Dept. of Mathematics, VIT, Vellore


The following Members of the Society are declared elected:

President of the Society for 2019-20:
(for a period of one year w. e. f. April 1, 2020):

Prof. B. Sury
ISI, Bangalore, Bangaluru, Karnataka, India

Members of the IMS Council
(for a period of three years w. e. f. April 1, 2020):

(i). Prof. A. K. Das
(Dept. of Mathematics, SMVD University, Katra, Jammu & Kashmir, India)

(ii). Prof. Nayandeep Deka Baruah
(Dept. of Mathematics, Tezpur University, Tezpur, Assam, India)

(iii). Prof. G. P. Youvaraj
(RIASM, Madras University, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India)

*. Periodicals published by IMS

*. Both the periodicals, The journal and The Math. Student, published by our Society are indexed by the MathSciNet, Zentralblatt and are in the UGC CARE list of approved Journals.

The Journal is already being indexed by the SCOPUS and
as per the mail message received on Nov. 26, 2019
The Math. Student is favourably considered for being indexed by Scopus
The other details will be available soon.
(For the Journal, view the Scopus journals list; and for the Math. Student, view the UGC CARE List, published recently on 14-06-2019, of Approved journals. View the entry 348, group D, Science discipline).

*. The following issues of the Journal and the Math. Student are recently published:
Math Student-Part-1-2020
The J. Ind. Math. Society, Vol. 86 Nos. 3-4, July-December (2019).
The soft copy of the Journal along with the full text of papers, can be accessed at