IMS Memorial Award Lectures :

There are Five memorial award lectures each of one hour duration which are delivered as a part of the Academic Programme during the Annual Conferences of the Society,

P.L.Bhatnagar Memorial Award Lecture:

A memorial lecture to be delivered by a distinguished mathematician at the Annual Conferences of the Society was instituted in 1987 in the memory of late Professor P.L. Bhatnagar

The details of the Lectures organized so far are as follows:

Sr. No. Year The Speaker Topic
1 1987 N. Mukunda Mathematics and Physics of Quantum Mechanics
2 1988 J. V. Narlikar
Applied Mathematics : A No Man's Land ?
3 1989 V. Laxmikanthan -
4 1990 J. N. Kapur
(IIT Kanpur, Kanpur)
Maximum Entropy Principle.
5 1991 H. C. Khare
(Allahabad University, Allahabad)
Thermosolutal Instability of Magnetohydrodynamic Flow through Porous Medium
6 1992 D. K. Sinha
(Jadavpur University, Kolkata)
Some Aspects of Theoretical Scenario in Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences.
7 1993 P. C. Vaidya
(Gujarat University, Ahmedabad)
Concept of Time
8 1994 Karmeshu
(JNU, Delhi)
Stochastic Models of Innovation Diffusion and Technology Substitution
9 1995 A. S. Gupta
(IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur)
Thermoconvective Waves
10 1996 R. K. Jain Integrated Mathematics
11 1997 Mihir Banerjee A Mathematical Investigation of Experimental Observations
12 1998 S. K. Malik Patterns and Chaos in Mathematics
13 1999 A. C. Srivastava Historical Development of Fluid Dynamics and Mass Diffusions
14 2000 Sarva Jit Singh
Deformation of a Stratified Half-Space by Surface Loads and Buried Sources
15 2001 Piyush Chandra
(IIT Kanpur, Kanpur)
Peristaltic Transport : A Review of Analytical Study
16 2002 R. C. Srivastava Converging Shock in the Welfare of Mankind
17 2003 B. D. Bandopadhyaya -
18 2004 Renuka Ravindran
(IISc, Bangalore)
Computation of Solutions of Systems of Ordinary Differential Equations
19 2005 P. L. Sachdeva
(IISc, Bangalore)
Nonlinear Science - An Overview
20 2006 Phoolan Prasad.
(IISc, Bangalore)
P L Bhatnagar and BGK Model
21 2007 T. M. Karade
Relativistic Consideration for Modified
Newtonian Dynamics (MOND)
22 2008 G. S. Srivastava
(IIT Roorkee, Roorkee)
Entire Function Extensions of Continuous Functions
- a Brief Survey
23 2009 Girija Jayraman
(IIT Delhi, Delhi)
Mathematical Challanges in Modelling the Cardiovascular
Flows and associated Clinical Proceedures
24 2010 Shiva Sankar
(CMI, Chennai)
Fourier Series, Arithmetic and Control Theory
25 2011 Rama Bhargava
(I I T Roorkee, Roorkee)
(Could not be deivered)
26 2012 Basudeb Datta
(I I Sc, Bangalore)
Triangulations of Projective spaces
27 2013 Indira Narayanaswamy
(Aeronautical Development Agency, Bangalore)
Mathematics in Tejas Design: Configuration to flight testing
28 2014 S. K. Tomar
(Punjab University, Chandigarh)
Wave propagation in local and non-local microstretch elastic media
29 2015 V. D. Sharma
(IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai)
Evolution and Asymptotic behaviour of Non-linear hyperbolic waves
30 2016 G. P. Rajasekhar
(IIT Kharagpur, Kharagpur)
Tumor growth-chemo-mechanical modelling and existence theory
31 2017 Pradeep G. Siddheshwar
(Bangalore University, Bangalore)
Understanding 'understood' instabilities in fluids.
32 2018 Manoranjan Mishra
(IIT Ropar, Ropar, Rupnagar, Punjab)
Hydrodynamics Instabilities in Porus Media Flows.

V. Ramaswami Aiyar Memorial Award Lecture:

A memorial lecture to be delivered by a distinguished mathematician at the Annual Conferences of the Society was instituted in 1990 in the memory of Society's founder father late Shri V. Ramaswami Aiyar

The details of the lectures organized so far are as follows:

Sr. No. Year The Awardee Topic
1 1990 M. K. Singal
(Meerut University, Meerut)
Excitement and Relevance of Mathematics
2 1991 R. S. Mishra
(BHU, Varanasi)
The Unidirectional Thought Process of Mathematicians
3 1992 R. P. Agarwal
(Lucknow University, Lucknow)
Ramanujan's Generalized Hypergeometric Series
4 1993 K. R. Parthasarathy
(ISI Delhi, Delhi)
Classical Markov Processes from a Quantum probabilistic Point of view
5 1994 V. Krishnamurthy
(BITS, Pilani)
Cultural Aspects of Mathematics Teaching
6 1995 (Mrs.) Asha Rani singal
(Meerut University, Meerut)
Mathematics : An unexpected Pleasure
7 1996 (Miss) S. P. Arya
(Maitreyi College, Delhi)
Trends in Topology
8 1997 Govind Swarup Puzzles of the Universe
9 1998 V. M. Shah
(The M. S. University, Vadodara)
A Peep in to the Grass Roots of all Mathematical Education
10 1999 Sunder Lal
(BRA University, Agra)
The Mathematics of Sharing Secrets
11 2000 Usha Bhosle
(TIFR, Mumbai).
Vector Bundles and Principal Bundles
12 2001 S. P. Singh Fixed Points Theorems and its Applications to Approximation Theorems
13 2002 V. G. Tikekar Some Small Pearls in Mathematical Works
14 2003 B. K. Lahiri
(Kalyani University, Kalyani)
Uniformly Normed Structures
15 2004 V. K. Balchandran
(Madras University, Chennai)
Algebraic Topology : Some Historic Perspectives
16 2005 S. Parvathi
(Madras University, Chennai)
"Schur-Weyl Duality" for a Larger Class of Algebras
17 2006 S. S. Bhooshnurmath
(Karnatak University, Dharwad)
Birth and Development of Hyperbolic Metric
and its impact on 21st Century Mathematics
18 2007 Dinesh Singh
(Delhi University, Delhi)
Harmonic Analysis on the Unit Circle :
A Personal Perspective
19 2008 S. Arumugam
(Kalaslingam University, TN)
Domination and coloring in graphs
20 2009 M. S. Chaudhary
(Shivaji University, Kolhapur)
Transform Analysis on some Distribution Spaces
21 2010 A. Ojha
(DPMIIIT, Jabalpur)
Certain applications of mathematics in path planning
22 2011 Geetha S. Rao
(Ramanujan Iinstitute for Advanced Study in Mathematics, Chennai)
Tools and techniques in approximation theory
23 2012 Ajay Kumar
( Delhi University, Delhi )
From Fourier series to harmonic analysis on locally compact groups.
24 2013 M. M. Shikare
( Pune University )
Generalizations of some graph theoretic operations to binary metroids.
25 2014 Sudhir Ghorpade
( IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai )
Number of solutions of systems of polynomial equations over finite fields
26 2015 Uttara V. Naik Nimbalkar
( S. P. Pune University, Pune )
Likelyhood, Estimating Functions and Generalized method of Moments
27 2016 C. S. Aravinda
( T.I.F.R. CAM, Bangalore)
Geodesic Conjugacies of surfaces
28 2017 H. K. Mukherjee
( N.E.H.U., Shillong)
classification of Manifolds - Different shades
29 2018 K. N. Raghavan
(I.M.Sc., Chennai)
Symmetric Functions

Srinivasa Ramanujan Memorial Award Lecture:

A memorial lecture to be delivered by a distinguished mathematician at the Annual Conferences of the Society was instituted in 1990 in the memory of the mathematical genius Shrinivasa Ramanujan.

The details of the lectures organised so far are as follows:

Sr. No. Year The Awardee Topic
1 1990 R. P. Agarwal
(Lucknow University, Lucknow)
Ramanujan's Last Gift
2 1991 M. S. Raghunathan
(TIFR, Mumbai)
On the Congruence Subgroup Problem
3 1992 S. Bhargava
(Mysore University, Mysore)
On Ramanujan's Remarkable Summation Formula
4 1993 R. P. Bambah
(Punjab University, Chandigarh)
The Conjectures of Minkowski, Watson and others
5 1994 V. Kannan
(University of Hyderabad, Hyderabad)
Some Selection Theorems
6 1995 B. V. Limaye
(IIT Bombay, Mumbai)
Spectral Approximation
7 1996 N. K. Thakare
(Pune University, Pune)
Sperner Theory
8 1997 V. S. Sunder
(ISI Bangalore, Bangalore)
Commuting Squares
9 1998 A. K. Agarwal
(Punjab University, Chandigarh)
The Legacy of Ramanujan
10 1999 Deependra Prasad
(TIFR, Mumbai)
On the Shimura - Taniyama - Weyl Conjecture : Proof of Fermat's Last Theorem
11 2000 V. Srinivasa On Diophantine Equations
12 2001 R. Balasubramaniam
(IMSc, Chennai)
Elliptic Curve Cryptology
13 2002 C. Adiga
(Mysore University, Mysore)
Sums of Squares and Sums of Triangular Numbers and Their Relationship
14 2003 M. A. Pathan
(AMU, Aligarh)
Some extensions of Ramanujan's Theorems
15 2004 S. K. Nimbhorkar
(Dr. B A M University,Aurangabad)
Bear*-rings, Lattice Theory, Graph Theory and their interrelationship
16 2005 V. C. Dhumir
(Punjab University, Chandigarh)
View Obetruction problems and their generalizations
17 2006 P. K. Banerji
(JNV University, Jodhpur)
Unfolding the concepts of Boehmians
and their applications
18 2007 J. Radhakrishnan
(TIFR, Mumbai)
The list decoding radius of Reed-Solomon codes
19 2008 Dr. (Mrs.) Padmavathamma
(Mysore University, Mysore)
Generalized Frobenius Partitions
(couldn't be delivered during the Conference)
20 2009 Ravi Kulkarni
(IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai)
Spaces of Geometric Objects and Parametriation Problems
21 2010 Mahan Maharaj
(Ramkrishna Mission Vivekanand University, Belur Math, Howrah)
Geometry and Dynamics of Kleinian groups
22 2011 B. Ramakrishna
(Harish Chandra Reasearch Institute, Allahabad)
Modular forms of half-integral weight
23 2012 J. K. Verma
(IIT Bombay, Powai, Mumbai)
Linear Diophantine Equations and Stanley's solution of the Anand-Dumir-Gupta conjecture
24 2013 Dilip P. Patil
(IISc, Bangalore)
Burnside algebras of finite groups
25 2014 B. V. Rajaram Bhat
(ISI, Bangalore).
Positivity in C*-algebras and Hilbert C*-modules
26 2015 P. Sankaran
(IMSc, Chennai)
Twisted conjugacy in groups of PL-homeomorphisms of the reals
27 2016 Eknath Ghate
(TIFR, Mumbai)
The Tau of Ramanujan.
28 2017 Amritanshu Prasad.
(IMSc, Chennai)
The timed Plactic monoids.
29 2018 Nayandeep Deka Baruah.
(Tezpur University, Tezpur)
Some Partition Identities Analogous to Ramanujan's "Most Beautiful Identity".

Hansaraj Gupta Memorial Award Lecture:

A memorial lecture to be delivered by a distinguished mathematician at the Annual Conferences of the Society was instituted in 1990 in the memory of Professor Hansaraj Gupta.

The details of the lectures organised so far are as follows:

Sr. No. Year The Awardee Topic
1 1990 A.M. Vaidya
(Gujarat University, Ahmedabad)
Hansaraj Gupta - Man and Mathematician
2 1991 K. Ramachandra
(IISc, Bangalore)
A New Approach to the Zeros of zeta (s)
3 1992 H. P. Dixit
(RD University, Jabalpur)
Wavelets and Multiresolution Analysis
4 1993 Satya Deo
(RD University, Jabalpur)
Projective Dimension of the Module of Piecewise Polynomials over Manifolds
5 1994 Arun Verma Rogers-Ramanujan type Identities and their Applications
6 1995 U. B. Tewari
(IIT Kanpur, Kanpur)
The Multiplier Problem
7 1996 I. B. S. Passi
(Punjab University, Chandigarh)
Trace Function Methods in Group Rings
8 1997 R. Parimala
(TIFR, Mumbai)
Classification of Hermitian Forms via Classical Invariants
9 1998 T. Parthasarathy
(Osmania university, Hyderabad)
An Old Prolem of Samualson and Jacobian Conjecture
10 1999 R. S. Pathak
(BHU, Varanasi)
Analytic Functions and Distributions
11 2000 Rajendra Bhatia
(ISI, Delhi)
Linear Algebra to Quantum cohomology - The Story of Alfred Horn's Inequalities
12 2001 M. M. Pant e-Learning : Prospects and Applications in the Indian Context
13 2002 S. G. Deo Trigonometric Like Operators in Banach Spaces
14 2003 S. Sribala
(Madras University, Chennai)
Jordan Algebras
15 2004 A. P. Singh
(Jammu University, Jammu)
Advances in the Dynamics of Entire and Meromorphic functions
16 2005 R. K. Singh
(Jammu University, Jammu)
Invariant Subspace Problem and Development of Mathematics around it.
(couldn't be delivered during conference; text in The Math. Student 2006)
17 2006 R. J. Hans-Gill
(Punjab University, Chandigarh)
A Conjecture of Minkowski
18 2007 R. Sujatha
(TIFR, Mumbai)
- (couldn't be delivered during conference)
19 2008 S. D. Adhikari
(HRI, Allahabad).
The relation between two combinatorial group invariants
- history and ramifications
20 2009 A. M. Mathai
(Center for Mathematical Sciences, Pala)
Random Geometrical Configurations and Random Volumes
21 2010 Subhash J. Bhatt
(Sardar Patel University, Vallabh Vidya Nagar, Anand, Gujarat)
C*-algebras, uniform Banach algebras and a functional analytic meta theorem
22 2011 Ajai Choudhry
(Foreign Service Institute, Delhi)
Some Diophantine problems concerning perfect powers of integers
23 2012 B. N. Waphare
(Pune University, Pune)
Dismantlability and Reducibility in Discrete Structures
24 2013 Ajit Iqbal Singh
(ISI, Delhi).
How permutations, partitions, projective representations and
positive maps entangle well for quantum information theory
25 2014 Ritabrata Munshi
(TIFR, Mumbai)
Rational points and L-functions via the circle method
26 2015 B. Sury
(ISI, Bangalore)
Generating matrix groups over nice rings
27 2016 Neena Gupta
(ISI, Kolkata)
28 2017 Atul Dixit
(IIT, Gandhinagar)
Modular-Type transformations and integrals involving the Rieman $\Xi$ function.
29 2018 S. S. Khare
(N.E.H.U., Shillong)
Trends in Bordism, G-Bordism Theory and Fixed point set - A survey.

Ganesh Prasad Memorial Award Lecture:

A memorial lecture to be delivered by a distinguished mathematician once in two years at the Annual Conferences of the Society was instituted in 1993 out of the endowment fund created for the purpose in the memory of Professor Ganesh Prasad.

The details of the lectures organised so far are as follows:

Sr. No. Year The Awardee Topic
1 1993 P. K. Ghosh Generalized Functions
2 1995 Kalyan B. Sinha
(I S I Delhi, Delhi)
Fock spaces and Their Operators
3 1997 M. G. Nadkarni
(Bombay University, Mumbai)
Ergodic Theory and Set Theory
4 1999 R. B. Bapat
(ISI Delhi, Delhi)
Resistance Distance in Graphs
5 2001 J. R. Patadia
(The M. S. University of Baroda, Vadodara)
Lacunary Series and Sidon Sets
6 2003 Rajiv K. Srivastava
(BRA University, Agra)
Bicomplex Numbers - Analysis and Applications
7 2005 Aloke Dey
(I S I Delhi, Delhi)
Orthogonal Arrays
8 2007 Siddhartha Gadgil
(I I Sc, Bangalore)
Orders on Manifold and Surgery
9 2009 A. K. Srivastava
(BHU, Varanasi)
The General Sobriety-Spatiality Equivalence
(couldn't be delivered)
10 2011 Gadadhar Mishra
(I I Sc, Bangaluru).
Differentiation, homogeneous operators and matrix valued co-cycles for the Mobius group.
(couldn't be delivered during Conference; text in The Math. Student 2012)
11 2013 D. V. Pai
(I I T Gandhinagar, Gandhinagar).
Viscocity approximation methods for minimization and fixed point problems.
12 2015 M. T. Nair
(I I T Madras, Chennai)
Compact Operators and Hilbert scales in ill-posed problems
13 2017 Pournima V. Jain
(R. D. Vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpur.)
Approximation by spline functions and its applications