The Governance of the Indian Mathematical society :

The Indian Mathematical Society (referred to in short as IMS or the Society) is governed by The Council of the Indian Mathematical Society.The Council includes nine office bearers of the Society. These honourary office bearers are

1. The President, IMS

2. The immediate Past President, IMS

3. General Secretary, IMS

4. Academic Secretary, IMS

5. Administrative Secretary, IMS

6. The Treasurer, IMS

7. Editor, Journal of the Indian Mathematical Society

8. Editor, The Mathematics Student

9. The Librarian, IMS

All the Members of The Council are members of the Society in good standing and are elected by the members of the Society in good standing (A member of the Society is considered to be of good standing in a particular year if he/she has paid his/her Membership Fees of the respective year by 31st July of that year).