(of the ensuing 85th IMS Conference at IIT Kharagpur)

Plenary Speaker:

Prof Gadadhar Misra (I. I. Sc. Bangalore)
Title: A Product Formula for Homogeneous Characteristic Functions

Award Lectures:

33rd P L Bhatnagar memorial Award Lecture:
Prof Mythily Ramaswamy (TIFR CAM)
Title: An invitation to Control of Differential equations

30th Hansraj Gupta Memorial Award Lecture:
Prof Gurmeet Bakshi (Panjab University)
Title: Can we explicitly describe the structure of rational group algebras?

30th Ramanujan Memorial Award Lecture:
Prof Pratulananda Das (Jadavpur University)
Title: Non-negative summability matrices and ideals

30th Ramaswamy Aiyer Memorial Award Lecture:
Prof Swagato K. Ray (ISI Kolkata)
Title: Quasianaliticity of functions and an uncertainty principle of Fourier analysis

14th Ganesh Prasad Memorial Award Lecture:
Prof Kaushal Verma (IISc, Bangalore)
Title: An introduction to quadrature domains

IMS Award Lectures:

A. K.Agarwal Award Lecture:
G. K. Viswanatham  (IISER Berhampur)
Title: Products of weighted multiple zeta functions

Satish Bhatnagar Award Lecture:
K Ramasubramanian (IIT Bombay)
Title: Determining the Sine of One Degree in the Sarvasiddhantaraja of Nityananda

Invited Talks:
(half an hour each)

K. Sreenadh (IIT Delhi)
Title: Nonlocal Elliptic problems with critical nonlinearities

Ashish Upadhyay (IIT Patna)
Title: Centrally symmetric manifolds 

C. S. Dalawat (HRI, Prayagraj)
Title: Two footnotes to Galios’s Memoirs 

Vivek Sahai (Lucknow University)
Title: Recent developments in matrix special function theory

Rafikul Alalm (IIT Guwahati)
Title: Perturbation analysis of discrete spectra of analytic operator-valued functions

Anand Srivastava (CAU Kiel Germany)
Title: A New Bound for the Maker Breaker Triangle Game 


Recent Trends in Differential Geometry
Prof M M Tripathi (BHU,

Theoretical and Computational Biology
Prof P K Srivastava (IIT Patna,
Malay Banerjee (IIT Kanpur,
AK Misra (BHU Varanasi,
Pranay Goel (IISER Pune,
BSRV Prasad (VIT Vellore,
P K Srivastava (IIT Patna,

Group Theory
Prof N S N Sastry (IIT Dhrawad,
K.N.Raghavan (IMSc, Chennai,
Anupam Kumar Singh (IISER, Pune,
Shripad M. Garge (IIT, Bombay,
Manoj Kumar Yadav (HRI, Allahabad,
Ravindra Prasad Shukla (Univ of Allahabad,
N S N Sastry (IIT, Dharwad,

Ramanujan and Mathematical Analysis
Prof S Ahmad Ali (BBD University, Lucknow,
A. K. Agarwal (Punjab University, Chandigarh,
M. A. Pathan (A M U, Aligarh,
Kalyan Chakraborty (HRI Prayagraj,
Atul Dixit (I I T, Gandhinagar
S. Ahmad Ali (Babu Banarasi Das University, Lucknow,

Combinatorics on Finite Sets
Prof B. N. Waphare (S P Pune University,
Sivaramakrishnan (IIT Bombay,
Anirban Banerjee (IISER Kolkata,
M. M. Pawar (SSVPS Dr. P.R.Ghogare Science College, Dhule,
P.R.Ghogare (HRI, Allahabad,
Vinayak Joshi (S. P. Pune University,
B. N. Waphare (S. P. Pune University,

Higher Mathematics Education in India
Prof S. Kumaresan (MTTS,
Bhaba Kumar Sarma (IIT-Guwahati,
Ajit Kumar (ICT, Mumbai,
V Sholapurkar (S.P. College, Pune
A representative (from National Center for Mathematics (NCM))
S Kumaresan (Visiting Faculty, IIT-K

* Please note that the Poster Presentations are organized on the theme of each symposia in parallel to the corresponding symposium. Interested scholars may send the Abstract along with full length paper to the corresponding conveners/ speakers on email. 

This year a School Children Meet will also be organized at IIT Kharagpur and Prof. G. P. Rajasekhar will coordinate the event.

For further details regarding Academic Program or any clarification, one may contact

Prof. Peeyush Candra ,
- the Academic Secretary,
Indian Mathematical Society.