The details of the P. L. Bhatnagar IMO Prize winners.

P. L. Bhatnagar
To encourage the participants at the Mathematical Olympiads, the Society instituted in 1987 an annual prize in the memory of the late Professor P. L. Bhatnagar, who did pioneering work in organizing Olympiads in the country. . The Prize is awarded every year during the annual conference of the Indian Mathematical Society to the top scorer of the Indian Team for IMO.

The details of the prize winners so far are as in the following:

Our Society will appreciate receiving information about some significant acievements of any of these winners.
About Mr. Subhash Ajit Khot, 1995 PLBIMO Prize winner, we have displayed his achievements and a link too is provided in that regard at the end for the information of all.
Sr. No. Year The Awardee Place
1 1987 Amol Shreerang Dighe. Mumbai.
2 1988 R. Muralidhar. Mumbai.
3 1989 Archisman Rudra and
R. Venkatraman
Kolkata and
4 1990 Rina Panigrahy. Kolkata.
5 1991 Moses Samon Charikar. Mumbai.
6 1992 Kaustubh Namjoshi. Pune.
7 1993 Kaustubh Namjoshi Pune.
8 1994 Arvind Sankar. Mumbai.
9 1995 Subhash Ajit Khot*. Ichalkaranji.
10 1996 Ajai C. Ramadoss. Bangalore.
11 1997 Rishi Raj. Ranchi.
12 1998 Abhinav Kumar. Jamshedpur.
13 1999 Vaibhav Vaish. Lucknow.
14 2000 Vaibhav Vaish,
Swastik Kopparty and
Swarnendu Datta.
Kolkata and
15 2001 Abhay Kumar Jha. Kolkata.
16 2002 Nikhil A. Savale. Pune.
17 2003 Vipul Naik. Delhi.
18 2004 Anand Deopurkar and
Vipul Naik.
Pune and
19 2005 Abhishek H. Dang. Pune.
20 2006 Apurva K. Nakade. Nagpur.
21 2007 Abhishek H. Dang. Pune.
22 2008 Anirudh Gurjale and
Utkarsh Tripathi.
Hyderabad and
23 2009 Sameer Wagh. Pune.
24 2010 Gaurav D. Patil. Pune.
25 2011 Akashnil Dutta. Kolkata.
26 2012 Debdyuti Banerjee and Prafulla Susil Dhariwal. Hoogly (Kolkata) and Pune.
27 2013 Mr. Sanglik Saha and Mr. Shubham Sinha. Kolkata and New Delhi.
28 2014 Mr. Sanglik Saha. Kolkata.
29 2015 Mr. Jeet Mohapatra. Odisha.
30 2016 Mr. Kapil Pause. Goa.
31 2017 Anant Mudgal, Subham Saha and Yash Sanjiv. Faridabad, Ranchi and Kota resp.
32 2018 Pranjal Srivastava. National Public School, Koramangala, Bangluru.
* Mr. Subhash Ajit Khot is currently at the Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences working as a professor of Computer Science. He was awarded the 2014 Rolf Nevanlinna Prize by IMU and was elected as FRS in 2017. For further details refer
IMS Congratulates him and wishes him the best for his pursue of excellence.